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Posted: August 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
  1. Amazing work initiated by Brinda Madam and Prasanta Sir! 🙂
    I wish them all the success!! 🙂

  2. Dear Prashanta
    That is what was expected of you. I am quite relieved that a worthwhile attempt is on to save Humanities. This time when I had come to Delhi, i had something of that sort in my mind. But my response is not confined to your praise. Carrying this project is more challenging than conceiving it. I hope to work for you in this critical zone. This is a big task and needs an army of good minds. I would try to work as a foot-soldier somewhere someday. I don’t know Brinda personally but please send my feelings to her.
    Sunil Aggarwal

  3. Dr. Avinash Moharil says:

    Great activity. Best wishes and looking forward to participate in future.
    Dr. Avinash
    Amravati (Maharashtra)

  4. Geeta Patel says:

    I thought that given the wonderful conversation yesterday people might be interested in reading Paolo Virno’s work on the multitude. His work is much more grounded and subtle than Negri and Hardt, though they share conversations. He has also been involved with contemporary movement mobilizations in Italy. His book can be found on:

    In the next weeks, I will also get materials from Cesare Casarino (who also writes on queer things) and has been theorizing the multitude and the commons, and post that as well.

  5. Vikas Sharma says:

    ‘margH’ seems to be a platform my mind has been unconsciously looking for…!!

    Being a Delhite,hope to get an opportunity to work with you people soon…!!

    Way to go…!!

  6. Subhojit Goswami says:


    During the screening of ‘Spring in the Colony’ I had a chance encounter with Brinda Mam’s thoughts and Prashanta Sir’s skills of analyzing layered emotions.

    Reviving humanity is our collective responsibility. We are ready to lead and be led by such motivated individuals.

  7. Rakesh Sharma says:

    I read about the work that you are doing and plan to do in the future. I feel great that something is being done for humanities which are beyond the understanding and mind space of the establishment. I am really keen to work with you in any way to promote this esteemed cause. I am a writer and also an MA in English literature. Please contact me on my e-mail id and I will be glad to hear from you.

  8. Dr N D Dani says:

    Dear Dr Prashanta and Dr Brinda Bose,

    I came to know about MargHumanities today in the Sunday magazine of Hindu and I should like to congratulate you both for conceiving the idea. Yes, the rise of technology and the belief that technocrats can solve all the problems of humanity has pushed the Humanities to the margins. The imbalance needs to be corrected. We need robust Humanities to complement Science and Technology in our Colleges and Universities. Otherwise, we shall be good materialistically but poor spiritually. So congratulations once again.

    Dr N D Dani

  9. John Korulla says:

    For long years I have suffered the creeping and overbearing advent of the scion of Big Brother and Ma Technology which is laying waste the fruits of the liberal mind. The pendulum must swing back.The time of this initiative has come.What can I do to further this cause?
    John Korulla,Kottayam

  10. Dipen Beznbaruah says:

    Dear Dr Prashanta and Dr Brinda Bose

    ,Your initiative for doing something for the development of Humanities is a much needed one. The way how technically advancing society is subsiding the roots of human civilisation because of rapid commercialisation of the world is disgusting. So, you have done the right way in right time. Like me, thousands of people would like to be a part in your mission. Please contact me.

    Dipen bezbaruah
    Asstt. Professor, Pub Kamrup College
    Baihata chariali
    Mob. No. 09613755982

  11. K.KRISHNAMOORTHY 9443018388 says:

    Dear Professors, greetings. you have undertaken a job which nobody dares to think of. Technology is eating our sources and resources. In the world of “protest” you are bringing a world of “Change”. well done! May your tribe increase. Being student of Englsh Literature , I am waiting for your guidance to show my commitment and work underflagship

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